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1 10.2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Perhaps, you will find a lot of shops decorating with pink in October, especially for those targeting at female customers, like lingerie shops and cosmetic stores. Many of the shops will also launch some designated pink products. Moreover, some restaurants, especially 6-star hotels, will add some pink desserts to their menu. These are all inspired by the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

According to statistics released by the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Breast Cancer is the most common female cancer in Hong Kong and the 3rd deadliest cancer for female in Hong Kong. There were 3,900 new cases of female breast cancer diagnosed in 2015 from the latest data, which means there will be one Breast Cancer patient in every 16 females.

In this October, there are many breast cancer awareness campaigns held by different concern groups in Hong Kong. Let’s take the Hong Kong Cancer Fund as an example, there is an annual breast cancer campaign named “Pink Revolution” to raise the awareness and fund to support women with breast cancer.   You are highly recommended to dress pink in October to show your support to the women with breast cancer and their cares.